Santiago da Silva +49 (0)30 627 297 27 mail at santiagodasilva dot com

Santiago da Silva’s work concentrates on book design, printed matter, communication, and display systems within the cultural and contemporary art context. The work is based on research, experimentation, and dialogue, leading to a varied visual vocabulary, informed by the content and character of each project. He is the co-founder and editor of Object Notes, a platform for investigating the notions of handcraft and labor in contemporary art and design.

The studio is currently being supported by Ana Cecilia Breña and So-Hyun Bae.

Work in progress:

– Water, Kinship, Belief. Toronto Biennale of Art 2019–2022. Edited by Candice Hopkins, Katie Lawson, Tairone Bastien. Design of the catalogue, in collaboration with Sean Yendrys

Deutsches Historisches Museum: Design for the temporary exhibitions in 2022

– Monograph of Evelyn Taocheng Wang, edited by Eva Birckenstock

– The Letters of Rosemary and Bernadette Mayer. 1976–1980.

– Rosemary Mayer, Ways of Attaching. Graphic design for the exhibition in Ludwig Forum Aachen

– Hasta que los cantos broten. Publication accompanying the Mexican Pavillion at the Biennale di Venezia, 2022. Design in collaboration with Maru Calva.