Stoodio Santiago da Silva +49 (0)30 627 297 27 mail at santiagodasilva dot com

We are a studio specialising in developing communication and display systems for contemporary art and culture across print, screen and spatial formats. Our focus is on facilitating such formats as accessible artistic spaces. Over the past decade, the production of the studio has grown through research and ongoing dialogue with artists, curators, writers and other collaborators, leading to a diverse visual vocabulary. We use our expertise in production and manufacturing processes as a constant form of experimentation and as a way of circumventing the precariousness often inherent in art production.

The studio’s infrastructure is based on an extended network of professionals within the cultural field, including designers, editors, photographers, producers, press agents, etc. Since 2021, independent designer Ana Cecilia Breña works with Santiago da Silva, both personally take care of all projects.

Santiago da Silva is active in the fields of editing, writing, teaching and curating. He is co-founder of Object Notes, a research platform about craft and labour in contemporary art and design.

We are always happy to receive internship requests, review portfolios and submissions for collaboration.

Work in progress:

– A series of two books with recent work by artist Mathew Hale, published by X Artists’ Books

– A retrospective publication of the work of Jimmy Robert, published by Bierke Verlag

– Exhibition graphic design for Spore Initiative, Berlin.

– Iman Issa, publication for the show at Taxispalais Kunsthalle Tirol