umbrales ¿Cómo anudar el tiempo?
ifa-Galerie Stuttgart
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The ifa-gallery Stuttgart (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations) in Germany and the Biennial of Media Arts in Chile, whose 15th version entitled “Umbral” (26.11.2021 – 31.03.2022) propose a transcultural connection inspired by the current planetary transitions, exploring the paradigms that emerge from the crises through the strategies and methodologies of curatorial practice, in a program we have called Constellations, and its first installment “Umbrales, ¿Cómo anudar el tiempo?” (Thresholds, How to knot time?). [Read more here]

Curatorship by Bettina Korintenberg and Enrique Rivera
Artists: Elisa Balmaceda, Claudia Gonzalez Godoy, Barbara Marcel, Elektra Wagenrad, Florian Wüst

For the communication fo the exhibition we developed a series of symbols which suggest trajectories. These images project supposed ideas of knowledge that connect, in a very loose way, with the curatorial and artistic positions within the exhibition and the Biennial in Chile. The digital publication that accompanied the project is conceived as a third space, a longer term project beyond the duration of the biennial, where different notes, process and ideas can be compiled across time. In the exhibition, the information on the individual works,  was layed-out on loose paper sheets that could be collected by visitors. “Wall texts” were replaced by a non-linear publication that spread across the space of the ifa gallery.

Designed by Ana Cecilia Breña, Moritz Appich, Santiago da Silva
Programming of the digital publication by Julia Novitch