Deutsches Historisches Museum
Temporary Exhibitions in 2022
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Design of the graphic identity of three exhibitions for the Deutsches Historisches Museum during the 2022 season: Karl Marx and Capitalism, Richard Wagner and the Nationalization of Feeling, Herlinde Koelbl. Angela Merkel Portraits 1991–2021, and Citizenships. France, Poland, Germany since 1789.

The first two exhibitions (Karl Marx and Richard Wagner) were thought of and designed conjointly. The “portraits” of these two well-known figures were made through the world that surrounded them, integrating parts of the exhibited objects into evocative backgrounds. Typefaces became personalities, color evoked mood. Drawing from a similar graphic impulse, the Citizenships exhibition was thought of as a wink to the murkyness of what belonging and nationality can mean.


Karl Marx und der Kapitalismus (Karl Marx and Capitalism)
10.02 – 21.08.2022
Curated by Sabine Kritter

Richard Wagner und das deutsche Gefühl (Richard Wagner and the Nationalization of Feeling)
08.04 – 11.09.22
Curated by Michael P. Steinberg

Herlinde Koelbl. Angela Merkel Portraits 1991–2021
29.04 – 04.09.2022

Staatsbürgerschaften. Frankreich, Polen, Deutschland seit 1789 (Citizenships. France, Poland, Germany since 1789)
01.07.2022 – 15.01.2023
Curated by Dieter Gosewinkel