Flucht in die Bilder?
Brücke Museum
exhibition design   

14. April to 11. August 2019

The exhibition Flucht in die Bilder? Die Künstler der Brücke im Nationalsozialismus is the first critical and detailed examination of the artistic practice, scope and everyday life of the former Brücke artists during the Nazi period. Read more about the exhibition on the Brücke Museum website.

The exhibition design is conceived as a kind of book unfolding into space. The architecture of the museum by Werner Düttman is very narrative, with many corners and a very linear rhythm of short, medium and long walls. Windows provide breaks of natural light into the parcour of the space. We took this inherent principle of the architecture and added an “extra” layer through colour, creating accents to the tempo of the space. The works were thus presented on top of colourful backgrounds, bringing forward certain moments of the exhibition for special consideration and integrating the architecture and artworks into the same plane.

All the texts, documents and photographic material from the exhibition were stuck to the wall, creating compositions which included the artworks into a kind of complex mindmap of facts, events, correspondeces and paintings. The english texts were available in the accompanying booklet.

Exhibition views © Nich Ash
Booklet: A4, 32pp.