Yellow Book
He Xiangyu

Conceptual artist He Xiangyu (*1986, China) has developed projects that take as their subject the goods and products that symbolize the mass production and consumption of the world while evoking the state of contemporary Chinese society. The Lemon Project, started in 2016, turns towards the practice of scientific research to produce an encyclopedic collection of the multitude of meanings and functions of lemons and the color yellow. The book includes essays on the color yellow. On the inside of uncut pages of the book, more than 500 of He Xiangyu’s drawings entitled “Research on Yellow” are concealed.

The typeface Kibami was specially designed for the book. This typeface produces an optical effect which tricks the eye to see an illusional yellow tone.


Text by Maryan Abdulkarim, Rosalind Chou, Carl Vadivella Belle, Sabine Doran, Yuka Kadoi, Abdulkarim G. Mairiga, Johannes Pommeranz, Minna Salami, Yue Sun, Neha Vermani, Lianming Wang, Liza Wing Man Kam, Robyn Williams, Mi You, Xuansu Zhang

Published by Hate Cantz

2019. 448 pp., 300 ills.
softcover with flaps
15.80 x 23.00 cm
ISBN 978-3-7757-4537-6