Baumbegegnungen – ein Streifzug mit Kindern
Lisa Vera Schwabe

Baumbegegnungen (“Tree Encounters”) is a children’s game of action-oriented cards to see, experience and understand trees. The 15 cards contain questions, suggestions and creative ideas for exploring trees both indoors and outdoors. Whether with the eyes, ears or hands – all the instructions encourage children to get to know nature in all its diversity and to engage with it. The cards are illustrated with ambiguous organic shapes based on children’s drawings that can be puzzled together to create funky colourful trees!

This publication is part of the project Baumbegegnungen – ein Treffenmit den Baumriesen, fall 2022.
Concept and texts by Lisa Vera Schwabe

Design by Stoodio Santiago da Silva with Otso Peräsaari
19 × 19 cm
15 cards and a leporello
Printed by Gutenberg Beuys Feindruckerei, Langenhagen