157 Antworten auf tägliche Fragen
Kindergärten City, Berlin

During the first weeks of Corona, after the schools and kindergartens were shut down in Berlin, the administration from the Kindergärten City sent an open call for children to submit drawings and responses to a series of questions. The questions subtly addressed concerns of the moment: What do you see when you look out of your window?, What makes you happy?, What do you like about your home?…

All the responses submitted were compiled into a publication, which was distributed for free to the participating children’s families.

Edited by Ullrich Bruchhold, Michaela Liebezeit, Susanne Sachse
Designed by Santiago da Silva with Veerle Vervliet
24×31.5 cm
212 pp.
Published by Kindergärten City, Berlin
November, 2020

Book photographs by Trevor Lloyd