Manifiesto del Sueño / Sleeping Manifesto
Yollotl Alvarado

Artist book that accompanied the exhibition Templo del sueño: propuesta para una sociedad que duerme by Yollotl Alvarado in PARQUE Galería from 4.02–.4.04, 2020.

[…] Alvarado claims that dreaming is our most vulnerable state, and that sleeping can be seen as an “act of rebellion against the current system’s attention grab and integral exploitation of life.” In line with this approach, the people sleeping on-site were supervised and monitored by sleep experts and oneirologists from Mexico’s National Autonomous University in an adjacent room—a “dream lab,” as the artist called it. Dreams from each session were reported, documented, and made available for visitors to consult as part of a public “dream library.” […]
Taken from the review by Gabriela Jauregui, published on ARTFORUM online.

The manifesto was written

3 variations were produced using different colour combinations
225×325 mm
32 pp.
Spanish / English
Edition of 1000 copies
Printed in Mexico City, 2020

Book photographs by Trevor Lloyd