Other Recent Examples
Alejandro Cesarco

Other Recent Examples is technically not an artist’s book, nor an exhibition catalogue, nor an essay, nor an exercise in translation; and yet, it manages to be all these things at once. The publication brings together works that address different functions, uses and forms of pedagogy, alongside works that reflect on the relationships between mother tongue, bilingualism and the troubled ecosystem that this in-betweeness sustains. “Other Recent Examples” is fully illustrated in color and includes an essay by Mirene Arsanios, extended work captions, and a series of epigraphs that function as a prologue and point towards Macedonio Fernández’s influence in the conceptualization of the publication.

Concept by Alejandro Cesarco
Published on the occasion of Beste adibide berri batzuk (Otros ejemplos recientes) at Artium Museoa, Araba, Spain (24.03–24.09.2023) and Other Recent Examples (Outros exemplos recentes) at Lumiar Cité, Lisbon, Portugal (14.10.2023–24.01.2024)

Design by Stoodio Santiago da Silva, Otso Peräsaari, Ana Cecilia Breña
Spanish, English, Portuguese, Euskera
14. 5 × 20.5 cm
176 pp.
Published by Artium Museoa, Lumiar Cité, Caniche Editorial
ISBN: 978-84-125833-7-3
Printer: Gutenberg Beuys Feindruckerei, Langenhagen

Book photographs by Trevor Lloyd