Un cocodrilo falso puede hacerte llorar lágrimas reales
Ana Navas

This artist book works as an extension to the series on forgery by artist Ana Navas, presented at Nixon (Mexico City) and CEAAC (Strasbourg). The publication reveals the collection of phrases from which the works on the installation originally took their shape. It has been developed in close collaboration between Ana Navas and Santiago da Silva. The publication is made up of phrases, typeset on a custom-made font for the publication, and a series of details from the works on the installation, which appear inside organic shapes. The interplay between these two elements overlays several systems such as language/translation and form/figure. These overlapping systems are meant for a reading based on simple free association, establishing a parallel with the experience of walking through the installation. The book is also putting a strong emphasis on the idea of labour, the images that appear in color inside the publication are actually stickers, glued by hand by the artist into each publication.

Langue: Français-Anglais-Allemand-Espagnol
Date de publication: 20 déc. 16
Format: 16 × 21 cm
Poids: 190 gr.
Nombre de pages: 64
Published by: CEAAC
ISBN: 978-2-910036-77-5