Niño Perdido / Lost Child
Ilán Lieberman

This series of drawings is more than just a wonder of graphic imitation. It is worth mentioning that the work embodies a unique example of that which motivates our efforts: the possibility of transforming artistic creation into a space of dialogue and reflection, able to confront ideas and produce from them a synthesis of consciousness and collective action.
By enlisting his artistic craft in the service of such an intensely painful subject as missing children, Ilán Lieberman, in an act of resistance, invites us to focus our attention on the lives and suffering of others, making us feel empathy with the victims of this tragedy. Bringing about a change in our consciousness is perhaps just the first step.

Cristina Faesler,
Director, Museo de la Ciudad de México
Michael A. Tomor,
Director, El Paso Museum of Art
Designed by Alejandro Magallanes and Santiago da Silva
Published by RM VERLAG
288 pp., Softcover, English / Spanish
ISBN: 9788492480548