Hotel Abscence
Fiete Stolte

Hans Ulrich Obrist   Do you always know what time it is in your world?

Fiete Stolte   Yes, more or less. But unfortunately I have no clock at the moment. And I never wore a wristwatch in any case.

HUO   So it’s more just a hunch?

FS   Yes, although luckily the exact time tends not to matter much in most cases. That suits me very well. Day follows night in my world, too, but it’s a different rhythm that is no longer dependent on the sun.

Fredi Fischli   Do you do a lot of work at night?

FS   Yes, I do. But night means something different to me, because it’s no longer defined by darkness.

HUO   How many hours of sleep do you get at night?

FS   It varies.

FF   How long have you been living according to this rhythm?

[Excerpt from Fiete Stolte in Conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist and Fredi Fischli]

With texts by
Konrad Bitterli
Laura Schleussner
Noemi Smolik
and a conversation with the artist by Hans Ulrich Obrist and / und Fredi Fischli
German / English
16.5 × 21.5 cm
240 pp.
114 ills. in color
softcover with flaps
Published by Sieveking Verlag, 2015
ISBN: 978-3-944874-20-3