Object Notes: Extraño y cercano Strange and Close
Santiago da Silva and Malte Roloff (eds.)

To every native there is a foreigner. It’s not so much a question of identity, more a question of proximity: the space in between the two. This categorical gap is well known, it’s an area being constantly measured, undergoing continuous mapping and levelling, a cyclical movement of reassurance. The question is then, by who is this space inhabited? [excerpt from the introduction text by Malte Roloff and Santiago da Silva]

This publication was commissioned by Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil in Mexico City and is published as part of the exhibition Abusos de las formas from 7.12.2019 – 5.05.2020, curated by Mauricio Marcín. Its distribution is free and limited to the context of the exhibition.

With texts and contributions by:

Aeromoto (Fabián Arriola y Maru Calva)
Armando Andrade Tudela
Oscar Ardila
Anita Brenner
Rometti Costales
Douglas Coupland
Abraham Cruzvillegas
Kasia Fudakowski
Mathias Goeritz
Rodrigo Ortiz Monasterio
Octavio Paz
Sandra Rozental
Jorge Satorre
Mónico Soteno Fernández
Taller Coatlicue, Innovando la tradición, Mariana Castillo Deball
Frances Toor
B. Traven

Editors: Object Notes (Santiago da Silva and Malte Roloff)
Graphic design: Santiago da Silva
Proofreading: Aurelia Cortés Peyron (Rodrigo Ortiz Monasterio, Jorge Satorre, Sandra Rozental)
Cover image: Armando Andrade Tudela
Printed by: Offset Rebosán, Mexico City

20 × 22 cm
116 pp.
English and Spanish