Points in Line #1: Linear Movement
Edited by Laura McLardy

Points in Line is a publication series that draws together contributions from different fields, including architecture, art, art writing, dance, and philosophy. Each issue is a different thematic attempt at encircling the limitations and potentials of movement cartography.
Points in Line #1, July 2012
‘Linear Movement’
Edited by Laura McLardy
Contributions by
Vilém Flusser
Laura McLardy
Dora Maurer
Tina Gebler and Pia Bruer
Julia Müller
Alexandre Achour
Cressida Kocienski
Konstantin Sergiou
Heine Thorhauge Mathiasen
Daniel Fernandez Pascual
Rodrigo Maltez Novaes
Tanaz Modabber
Pedro Wirz
Graphic design by Santiago da Silva

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